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Profit from Customer Analytics

How Chase Intel can Help You

Through customer analytics Chase Intel helps its clients focus, execute, and measure their marketing and service strategies to enhance the customer experience, generate sales and improve profitability.

Chase Intel Helps You:

QUANTIFY the value of your customers and prospects, individually and as segments.

ASSESS the impact of your current efforts as well as the robustness of your analytics, marketing, and service platforms.

EVALUATE key trade-offs, like determining  the level-of-effort you should place on customer acquisition vs. retention.


IMPROVE immediate sales by offering customers what each is most likely to buy.

DEEPEN engagement by differentiating service and targeting incentives.

CUSTOMIZE and coordinate customer treatments, leveraging opportunities at each touch point.

ESTABLISH metrics that incent activities that grow sales and engagement.

MEASURE the impact of your efforts, determining the degree each succeeds.

INTEGRATE today’s learnings back into your sales and service efforts to improve tomorrow’s results.

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