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A nationally-renowned expert in turning consumer data into revenue, Stephan's experience in analytics, research, marketing, and information technology provides him a comprehensive view of how to assess, predict, and influence customer behavior.


Over his career, his strategic and analytical insights have created over $1 billion of incremental revenue. He achieves this by taking a practical view to assisting clients, focusing first on identifying where they can derive value from customer analytics within their existing infrastructures. The results inform where clients should focus their future strategic, analytical, and infrastructure investments.

He draws from over 30 years of consulting and industry experience. Most recently, he led Marriott International's Consumer Insight function where he was responsible for its guestVoice (customer satisfaction) program, predictive analytics, market research, advertising effectiveness, and competitive assessment. Prior to that position, he led a team which developed the analytics and infrastructure for Marriott's promotions and lifecycle marketing, tripling the incremental revenue these efforts generated. He started his Marriott career in Brand Management, where he developed the analytic insights underpinning its Customer Loyalty Strategy


Prior to joining Marriott, he performed consulting services in a variety of industries - first, with Booz Allen Hamilton and subsequently as an independent consultant.

He graduated magna cum laude from Dartmouth College and resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and two children.

  • Informed worldwide brand and portfolio strategy by transforming a routine Brand Tracking program into a vigorous Brand Health assessment, integrating consumer attitudinal, behavioral, social, geolocation, financial, and customer satisfaction data to form actionable findings and recommendations

  • Focused marketing strategy by identifying high value customers and high value customer segments as well as the behaviors and other factors that identified high-quality prospects

  • Created meaningful metrics and goals by identifying the behavioral triggers that signify increases in future spending

  • Generated $200 million in incremental annual revenue by applying analytics to the promotions and lifecycle marketing.

  • Conceived and created hundreds of predictive models,quantifying current and future customer value, specific products and services they are likely to buy, milestones they are likely to achieve, and other key factors in determining how to better market to and serve them.

  • Expert in identifying the right analytics to apply to achieve marketing results, including linear and logistic regression, decision trees, neural networks, clustering (segmentation), and linear programming.


  • Accurately assessed the impact of marketing initiatives by crafting control group methodologies and supporting data marts and dashboards.

  • Decreased the cycle time of targeting email communications by over 90% by revamping data capture, analytics, and related processes.

  • Created a scorecard reporting system for measuring and assessing quarterly progress toward goals of key customer satisfaction and behavioral metrics







Emeritus Board Member of The Advertising Research Foundation

Emeritus member of IBM’s Client Advisory Board for its Customer Engagement Solutions practice

Named a Customer Champion by 1to1 Magazine

Emeritus member of the Operations Research Roundtable

Judge 2014 and 2015 ARF David Ogilvy Awards for Excellence in Advertising Research



Executive Board member of NC State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics

Advisory Board member of the Marketing Department of the Robert H Smith School of Business

Earned best practice awards for calculating customer profitability and business process measures


He is a noted expert, speaker and panelist on applying analytics to sales and marketing to achieve measurable outcomes

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