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How We Help


Chase Intel seeks to understand the

dynamics of your customer base, your current capabilities, and your plans for the future, setting the context for designing viable alternatives for moving forward.

  • We contrast the long-term contribution of customer acquisition and retention to help you focus your efforts on activities that grow the value of your customer base.

  • We identify the personal and behavioral indicators that are linked to future purchases to help you focus your customer investments toward those who are going to build your business.

  • We find relationships among your survey, satisfaction, financial, and behavioral information to develop a comprehensive framework for setting customer strategies.

  • We select predictive modeling and segmentation methods sensitive to whether you intend to target individual customers or act more broadly.

  • We estimate the future value (revenue/profit) of individual customers to help you manage your customer base as an asset.


With a firm understanding of

your customers , Chase Intel employs analytics to generate near- and long-term revenue.

  • We identify which products customers are likely to buy to help you craft and prioritize offers to maximize near-term sales.

  • We identify customer milestones and events that lead to greater future purchases , enabling clients to drive customers toward behaviors that drive engagement.

  • We help you differentiate service and other customer-facing treatments to drive engagement, leading to greater purchases over a customer's lifetime.

  • We help you identify cycles in customer purchases to help you anticipate marketing opportunities.


Chase Intel helps you measure what matters, evaluate the effectiveness of your actions, and learn from today's results to improve tomorrow's offering.

  • We use our understanding of what drives near- and long-term purchases to design metrics that incent profitable, coordinated actions across the company.

  • We structure analyses and tests to help you learn from your marketing activities to refine future marketing and service offerings.

  • We design reports and scorecards that help you quickly evaluate revenue uplift and other key metrics.

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