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COVID19's Status by State in Three Charts

The three maps below capture, as of this past Saturday (Nov 14), COVID-19's severity, the pace at which it's strengthening or weakening, and whether that pace is accelerating or decelerating.

The first map demonstrates COVID-19 is now most severe in the middle of the country and least severe in the Northwest and Northeast.

The second shows that over the past week hospitalizations increased in every state but Montana with the Gulf States generally seeing the smallest increases.

The last chart demonstrates that last week COVID-19's pace quickened in over 40 states.

The difference between the second chart and the third can be a bit confusing. The second chart shows the state's pace, how quickly hospitalizations are increasing. The third charts acceleration, whether that pace is increasing or decreasing. So a state can have a positive increase and and a negative acceleration, which means hospitalizations are still increasing, but at a slower rate than in the recent past.

Note: It tells you something about the state of COVID-19 that the average severity of the pandemic across the entire nation of France is over 50 people per 100k residents of the country. That's would be represented by the darkest blue in the top chart.


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