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The Entertainment Industry's Disconnect with its Customers

There were 496 US movie releases, grossing $7.4 billion last year. "Maverick" accounted for nearly 10% of that, but it stands no chance to win best picture. In contrast, the frontrunner, "Everything Everywhere All at Once" grossed about 1% of the year's total.

All alone, these statistics have no significance. But as an exemplar of a trend they do. The red line of the associated chart shows follows the critical acclaim over time afforded the Best Picture Winner at the Academy Awards. The blue line trends the box office sales of the winners.

Something changed in 2005 when it became increasingly clear the things the entertainment industry values in a movie diverged sharply from what the public values. This isn't necessarily a problem for the industry. There's room among the 496 releases for films of many subjects and messages.

The danger for the industry lies in confusing its own tastes for the tastes of the public in movies they expect to have wide appeal. This has weirdly created instances over the past few years of industry professionals blaming their customers for not liking what they produce. That's customer analytics and public relations malpractice.


Fandom Entertainment compiled the data for the chart as well as the explanatory video at this link.


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