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COVID Update February 2021

Last Thursday I delivered a talk on COVID-19 to the members of the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations. It was very well received, and I believe it will be of interest to you. I’d like to make a video of it over the weekend. In advance of that I’ve added additional content and speaker notes that serve as a rough draft of the talk I intend to record. Without the notes or voice-over much of the presentation’s meaning would be lost. The content is fresh and unique. The presentation engages in the following topics.

  • A one-page overview of where the US and Europe stand

  • The role the holidays played in accelerating the pandemic

  • The impact of the variants in The UK, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain; and what may happen here

  • The relationship between deaths and the age of a country’s population

  • A status update and comparison of the extent of vaccination programs around the world

  • A potential explanation for why cases and hospitalizations are falling quickly across the entire US

  • A means to evaluate the near-term direction of the pandemic

  • The impact culture plays in a country’s ability to effectively fight the pandemic

  • A critical question we must answer in order to properly analyze the pandemic’s data and establish effective policy

I suggest viewing it along with the speaker’s notes. There’s a brief video on Slide 12 you may need to play in normal or slide share mode. Otherwise, notes mode will do the trick. I believe you’ll find reviewing the material to be time well spent.

COVID-19 ILO 2021-02-01 v1
Download PPTX • 17.14MB


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