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People are Vaccine Rational

As a researcher, I've come to the view that people are more rational than many give them credit for.

This recent poll shows that 33% of Americans are somewhere between "Wait and See" and "Definitely Not" in regard to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet, as of today, 80% of people 65 and over have already received at least one shot. How can we reconcile that? People can evaluate risks for themselves. Older people know they are at the greatest risk. On the opposite side of the spectrum 40% of US Marines are declining the shot.

. Are their politics different than older people? Not likely. The average Marine is in their 20's. They know they've got little to fear from the virus. They are making a rational calculation.

Some feel that's not civic-minded. Look around. Western Society celebrates youth and individuality; not age and conformity. Expecting people to behave as they would in a totalitarian, collectivist society? That is irrational.


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